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I help Boss Women release the Unrealistic Expectations of themselves and others so that they can live...

High Powered & Free

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Meet Tiffany

The Boss Therapist for Boss Girls

Licensed Therapist and Executive Functioning Coach for High Powered High Achieving Black Women.


As a High Powered Boss I have achieved countless goals, demolished corporate ladders, and obtained the highest degree in my field.

Even with all these accolades I can remember times where having unrealistic expectations and anxiety have dealt me some crushing blows and reared its ugly head leaving me feeling out of control, frustrated, and powerless.

Today, I've helped countless boss women just like me who want to conquer anxiety, cultivate resilience, level up their self care, be high achieving in all aspects of their lives!!

Wherever you are in your journey I will meet you there and provide a unique blend of honesty, support, guidance, and motivation to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

Let's get started!

Start Here

High Powered and Free Resource Guide

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In this guide you will learn:

- How to identify your specific target behaviors

-How to evaluate any personal limiting beliefs

-When to Seek Help

-How to identify goals for a successful Mindset Reset

High Powered & FREE is an opportunity for you to intentionally harness your powerful energy and eliminate the irrational thoughts, beliefs, and actions that are holding you back.  The defense mechanisms you've been utilizing such as perfectionism, aggression, attempting to control everything, over achieving, and even manipulation are no longer serving you!

I'm here to help you acknowledge your current state, evaluate limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, take ownership of the only thing you can control...YOU, and help you plan to utilize your new skills for where you want to be!!


Start Your Journey

If you're anything like me it takes just ONE decision to change your life

Making that one decision can catapult you into a life you never imagined you could have.  

High Powered & Free: Empowering Boss Black Women is a 6 module self guided course for women who are ready to take their growth and healing journey to the next level and get the tools to build resilience and unlock their true power.

High Powered & Free One on One Sessions with Dr. Tiffany Young are for women ready to invest in themselves and receive the guidance needed to see true and lasting change in their personal and professional lives.


Let’s Connect!

Phone Number: 214-296-4248   /     Email:   

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