Concierge Therapy Services

Sis, anxiety can be so tricky to navigate because it presents in so many different ways and trust me having anxiety doesn't mean that you have given up or walk around with a cloud over your head.  In fact, if you struggle with anxiety you are probably:






You feel deeply and THAT'S OK!!! With these feelings you probably have anxiety because you

Hold Everything In

People Please

Take on Assignments that Aren't Yours

Live in the Past and or Fear the Future

Neglect Self Care and Self Love

Sis I get it! As someone who has struggled with anxiety the majority of my life I understand the difficulties of wanting to heal yet holding onto things that hinder you from your goals.

I provide concierge therapy services that create a total Mindset Reset to help you dig up the root of what's holding you back to push you forward to your #AnxietyGoals!

Being and living #AnxietyGoals means that in spite of feeling deeply causing #AnxietyProblems that you are able to shift your Mindset and reduce unwanted symptoms intentionally and daily as you navigate living your best life!

With my personal change model I will guide you step by step through an 8 week Mindset Reset experience, utilizing strategies that I've used over and over again for myself and my clients, that create lasting results.

What is Concierge Therapy?

Concierge Therapy is therapy that is designed specifically for you.  It takes into consideration that the management of your change process is the most important thing.  It is a one on one intensive therapy experience to achieve your personal goals.

How does the process work?

The #AnxietyGoals Experience begins with a consultation to ensure that we are on the same page regarding the therapy process.  Once we are in agreement we will schedule your first telehealth session!  Because the #AnxietyGoals experience entails a specific step by step process to achieve maximum results a minimum 8 week commitment is recommended. 



What is the Investment?

I want to be very transparent about the price of services.  I offer four program options to meet your needs.


Anxiety Goals Quick Start

The Quick Start Program is designed to give you Clarity, Coping, and Crisis Management.  These 30 minute coaching sessions are for those who are simply looking to get started with their healing experience.

$80 per session

Anxiety Goals Standard

Standard weekly or biweekly 1 hour therapy services designed to take a deep dive into your specific anxiety symptoms and help you to move past your pain.

$120 per session

Anxiety Goals Mindset Reset

The Anxiety Goals Mindset Reset is an individually designed program utilizing my proven 8 week change model to push you forward to your greatest potential.  Program includes workbook and online access.

$900 for 8 week program

Anxiety Goals Concierge

Anxiety Goals Concierge is an intensive therapy model designed to provide daily support through various platforms.  Concierge Therapy provides the most access and treatment.

$3500 per month

I am a proud partner of Open Path Collective to provide low cost services

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