The WHAT WHY Program is designed for child and adolescent licensed mental health professionals as a therapuetic tool to deal with the increasing issue of mental and behavioral health concerns in schools, clinics, and private practices 

This trauma focused curriculum is aimed at targeting the "WHY" of the behaviors instead of focusing on the "WHAT".  


Every kid has a story and experiences—their “WHY”—that shape his or her perception of the world and people. It is their “WHY” that mentally and emotionally wires their brains. What happens, as a result of this, is their attitudes and behaviors negatively impact them, their environment, and the people around them.


The WHAT WHY Program partners with schools, community organizations, and mental health practitioners to work directly with those students who need more attention given to their “WHY” in order to make school a better place for them; a place where they will find social belonging, emotional satisfaction, and academic achievement.


Training and Professional Development available 

WHAT WHY Mindset Reset Program Curriculum