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"We enjoyed Dr. Tiffany Young as our speaker at our Children's Conference.  She was engaging, knowledgable, and relatable.  We will definitely be using her again!" 

~Generation Elevate

"Dr. Young's professional and personal information impacted the lives of over 300 ladies to take a stand in their lives and others"

-Unveiling Conference

"Hearing her story helped me to feel comfortable telling mine"

~FLY Girls, Inc.


Schools, Community Agencies/Groups, Medical Professionals, Law Enforcement, Daycares, Religious Organizations and Corporations seeking to educate their employees on general mental health, mental health intervention, and resources

  • Think Again! Mental Health Training for Professional Allies

  • Misconceptions of Mental Health in the Church

  • Access Mental Health Corporate Mental Wellness

  • E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Families of Those Living with Mental Illness Training/Support

  • Crisis Management: Giving Power Back to the Client

Speaking Topics

Organizations and Event Hosts looking to inspire and empower their guests to see beyond their setbacks and reach their fullest potential

  • Living Beyond the Crisis

  • Queen On Purpose: 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Crown

  • Mindset Reset

  • #Anxiety Goals

What why

WHAT WHY is a mindset reset response to trauma program designed for kids in grades 2-12 especially in schools but also in the communities.

As the author of the What Why Mindset Reset Curriculum I have a unique perspective as a What Why Interventionist.  What Why Mindset Reset developed by Tamara Taylor Edu utilizes my personal change model to facilitate lasting, proven change in behavior by focusing on the WHY of behavior. 

The education and empowerment of the community on mental health is the passion that drives Dr. Tiffany Young.  Tiffany uses her professional expertise and personal mental health story to engage audiences and empower them to advocate for themselves and others to access mental health.

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