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Training Topics

Schools, Community Agencies, Medical Professionals, Law Enforcement, Daycares, Religious Organizations, and Corporations seeking to educate their employees and or leaders on general mental health, mental health intervention, and resources

  • Think Again Mental Health Training for Professional Allies

  • Supporting High Achieving Women in the Workplace
  • Mental Health in the Workplace
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Speaking Topics

Organizations and Event Hosts looking to inspire and empower their guests to see beyond their setbacks and reach their fullest potential

  • Stop Picking the Scab
  • Queen On Purpose: 4 Ways to Reclaim Your Crown
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Mindset Reset

Mindset Reset is a three step crisis management program and professional development initiative customized to the needs of your staff and stakeholders.  Mindset Reset is best fit for schools, detention centers, nursing homes, and inpatient facilities.

  • Crisis Management: Giving Power Back to the Client

Explains the why of the strategies to be taught and how the Mindset Reset Program strategies enhance SEL

  • Look Listen & Learn

Based on the concepts of Collaborative Problem Solving this proactive component of Mindset Reset provides implementation crisis management and behavior tools.  Content focuses on verbal deescalation of active crisis and understanding the crisis development model. 

Supports SEL Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Decision Making


WHAT WHY is a mindset reset response to trauma program.  As the author of the What Why Mindset Curriculum I have a unique perspective as a What Why Interventionist.  The program utilizes my personal change model to facilitate lasting, proven change in behavior by focusing on the WHY of the behavior.  Supports SEL Impulse Control, Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Decision Making


Dr. Young is a highly sought after Empowerment Speaker and Mental Health Educator that helps you bring mental health to the forefront of your event, business, and community

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Bringing Mental Health to the Forefront
Get the professional expertise to make mental health apart of your business culture.

Dr. Tiffany Young brings 19 years of mental health experience in a vast array of professional environments.

Her results driven yet empathetic style helps bring data proven results to changing the emotional wellness climate of any business.

Dr. Young is dedicated to increasing mental health awareness and access to the mental health system.  Impact your bottom line by increasing focus on mental and emotional health to retain team members and keep them positively engaged


  • Executive Coaching

  • Employee Assessment

  • Business Strategy

  • Curriculum Writing

  • Content Creation

  • Workshops
For Mental Health Professionals
  • Documentation Training
  • Treatment Planning
  • Multicultural Supervision
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